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Art by Gage Taylor & Uriel Dana 1996 ©

…..Where Magic, Mastery, And Mystical Memories

Are Alive And Well…

Where Dreams Take Physical Form

Because You Dreamed Them…..

And Then Dared To Believe

They Would Manifest!

This Web Site Is Dedicated To YOU,

.....For Without You And Your Dream Creations,

This Collective Dream Would Be Greatly Altered.


Mission Statement


I Request That As You Explore This Site,

You Be Conscious Of Your Thoughts…

Be Aware Also Of The Emotions That Surface.

If You Do, You Will Begin To Discover

What Contributions

To This Reality, Or Web Of Life,

You Are Personally Responsible For!

It Is My Personal Desire And Quest,

To Create A Web That Is Filled With Strands Of

Honor, Beauty, Laughter, And Love.....

A Life Web That Is Bonded Together With Impeccable

Compassionate Passion!


I Invite You Now To Step Into

My Reality, My Dream…..

.….And Join Me In My Quest…..

I Welcome You Now With Loving Arms…..



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