Happy New Year to you all!

Do you want to do something fun and exciting to overthrow the January blues?

Ann and I did this last week and it was astonishing and inspiring as we anticipated what the next year might bring. As the old year was coming to a close, we took turns and stated what we were grateful for that happened during the last year.....(many of those were hideous events and cycles that had finally come to an end!)

Then we made a list of things that happened and accomplishments we had made...on that list were many things that might have been considered impossibilities. We also found that many things had come into fruition from last year's "Wishes for the New Year" that we put on our "Wishing Trees!" When I went down the list of "impossibilities" that had actually happened last year, it gave me new zest for amazing accomplishments that could come to pass this coming year. My motto now is...."Make the Impossible Happen."

We then made a list of things that we wanted to come to pass in our lives in 2007.....and were not afraid to put down seemingly impossibilities....(and then some of them got pretty outrageous ....hahahahhaaa and we have the audacity to believe they will come to pass!) You may also want to do a spiral ceremony as outline on the First Wave Indigo website to get some added power behind your New Years wishes to up the ante on their success. :o)

We just posted updates on a new web page that is the sequel to "The Magick Chair" www.firstwaveindigos.com/pages/MagickChair2.html ....another amazing adventure!

We are getting the 2007 events booked and will be having a "Knights Training Assembly" in St. Louis in April. More information will be coming soon.

Have a wonderful and frivolous New Year!

Laura Lee & Ann....(And Hal :o)