Upcoming Radio Shows + Requesting Your Assistance

Greetings Mistyc House Guests,


Laura Lee Mistycah and her Ghostbuster partner Ronnie Foster will be guests on the X-Zone with Rob McConnell Thursday Oct. 12th from 9:00-10:00 PM Pacific Time.  Rob has many radio affiliates, and the show will also air via the internet at http://www.xzone-radio.com

They will also be on Earth Changes TV with Mitch Battros at http://www.earthchangestv.com  Thursday Oct. 26th at 9:00 Pacific Time.  This is an annual event and there are loads of new Ghost Stories since their show last year.  


For those of you in and around Spokane, the Spokesman Review will be doing an interview with Laura Lee and the article should be coming out this week for Halloween.  They were looking for someone that was really "out there," and felt like they had found their pot of gold when Laura Lee told the reporter that she was the "Queen of Weird Sh*t." After the first 10 minutes of the interview, she asked him if he had ever met anyone weirder than her, and he laughed and said that he had to admit that he had never met anyone quite like her!  We have no idea exactly what he will print, but there will probably be a picture of her sitting in the Tesla Synapse Activation Chair (Bird Cage) that is in her back yard.

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There have been many articles circulating on the web about what will happen 10-17 with the UV-light coming through the photon belt. http://mission1017.googlepages.com/home.htm


Here is what Laura Lee Mistycah has to say about this.


"I have had many people, especially Indigos, send me some of the transmissions from Raphiem-Blue ...and at first glance I thought it was nice that people were finally beginning to recognize the power and intensity of the UV spectrum, and also that others were seeing the diabolical programs put in place by Enlil Jehovah that have been tyrannizing us for eons.  After reading these articles about the 10-17 gateway, I felt uneasy about the whole thing and went into meditation and got some inside info from The Emperor.


He said, "The Being who is spearheading this agenda of the UV-Beam, was a cadet from the UV-Realm that did not graduate.  His "Thesis" was greatly flawed and needed some tweaking before it was ever put in motion.  His ego got the best of him and he left the Realm a little "ticked off."  Using some of the Realm's Technology, he decided to do it on his own and "prove to the Emperor and Empress that he was right!"  The 10-17 Gateway is his thesis, and as many of you have already detected, there are defects in it that need to be fixed.  We don't have much time left and it will take a collaborative effort to correct what has been put in motion.  What is needed is to put powerful intent into canceling out and eliminating hostile and negative thought forms, not just in ourselves, but in the entire consciousness grid.  We can start doing this now and project it into the future on a continuum to the 10-17 date and beyond. Also, we need immense amount of humor to be projected toward this date so we donŐt get caught up in the drama of it all.  We need to "lighten up" the photon belt a bit. (Hal will be leading this part of the mission hahahahah...talk to him for more info.)  Then, the last part, and the really fun part, is to put your dreams, wishes, and lots of warm fuzzies out into the grid.  Start doing it now so that you can be really good at it by Oct 17th.  There was much more to the story of the Renegade Indigo, and if you do your own scan of the situation will probably get the rest of the story.  Some of you may even have been at the UV-Realm Special Forces academy with this being and know him personally." 


I hope this sheds some "new UV-Light" on this subject and that you go to your own truth detectors inside to know the truth for yourself.  The bottom line is that we can collectively make a huge difference in what happens here.  As Cosmic-Clean Up Crew members, it is your job and you know how to do it well!


~Lady Mistycah~