Vital UV-Beam Update + Knights' Training Assemblies

Dear Mistyc House Dwellers,

We just got some updated information about the UV-Beam that is on its way in a few days. http://www.firstwaveindigos.com/pages/UVPulse.html Please take a few minutes to read this and then pass it on to those that you think can help out with this project. We need to get the flaws corrected or this project could turn into a disaster. Thank goodness we have many capable Cosmic Clean-up Crew Members here that can handle and tweak this "from the inside." As many of you know much of the work has to be "inside jobs" and that is why you are here on this service mission! Ok, it's show time....lets give it all we got! :o)

We are also putting together "Knights Training" assemblies that will be a 2-4 hour background instruction and updates on the latest W.S. on a Friday or Saturday evening, and then a 4-6 hour hands on intense instruction on Saturday or Sunday. We will be teaching techniques like protective protocols, psychic scanning, debris sweeping, plus the biggie.....psychic, organic, and metallic implant detection and removal. These training sessions will be geared for 30-100 people. The cost for both sessions will be between 120.00 -175.00 depending on how long they are. Private sessions will also be available.

If you are interesting in hosting/producing one of these Knights Training assemblies, please contact us and we will give you more information.

With all that you ARE and all that you DO, don't forget that Love, Passion and Humor will help you get through the rough spots and on to a new level in this game of "Earth Life!"

The not so stiff staff at Mistyc House....
Ann & Laura Lee