Seasons Greetings Everyone!

We just added 2 new web pages to our site....."The Story Of King Sh*t" and the long awaited "Spiral Curse Reversal Ceremony" instructions.

For those of you (Especially the FW-Indigos) who feel that they have had nothing but a "Crappy Life" .....this story is for YOU! ...and the "Spiral Curse Reversal Ceremony" is part of the solution!

We also have a link to the interview Mary Sutherland from Burlington UFO Radio had with Laura Lee. The show took a jump when she brought up the subject of "Real Live Vampires" .....an added dimension to the story of manipulation on planet Earth.

Speaking of Earth.....may you all have Peace and Joy in your heart this season, which in turn will bring an element of "Peace On Planet Earth" ....even if it is in your own private "Microcosm" :o)

This video came to us from an Indigo from Canada.... Seems a young FW-Indigo from Australia flipped off the system, broke out of the matrix and has taken his Hug Deficit to a new level of "Peaceful Rebellion." The Music by "Sick Puppies," is perfect for this video and the remarkable story and background info is on the web page...a must view!


Quantum Hugs to you all.....
"The Mistyc House Keepers"

Laura Lee Mistycah & Ann Lessel