Hello Everyone!

Valentine's Day is almost here, and once again Mistyc House supports Jonathan Goldman with his Sonic Valentine to the Earth and all her inhabitants. It is the most simple, yet powerful kind of meditation I have done in a looong time. All you have to do is: On Feb 14th at noon (ish) your time, take 5 minutes (or more) and sing Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....any tone, any way, loud or soft, (or even in your head if you are at work) and send love through tone to our beautiful planet. If you forget or if you are working and it is not possible, then wait till you can at another hour...because at that hour, someone somewhere on the planet will be singing along with you! That is the beauty of this annual meditation....it is easy and very adaptable!

So on Valentines, lets sing our little hearts out and expand the love equation on this planet!

For more information, go to Jonathan Goldman's site at: http://www.healingsounds.com/sounds/worlddayinfo.asp

His music is highly recommend and is on the list of healing music in my book "Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos." "The Lost Chord" and "The Divine Name" are some of my all time favorites of his work.

So this Valentines, lets enhance the web of love on our planet, as we connect and celebrate with the music of our hearts.

Love, Light and Laugher ....

Laura Lee Mistycah and Mistyc House

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