"Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos"

By Laura Lee Mistycah


First Wave Indigos have filtered into this planet for over 70 years, coming en masse (about 62 %) between the years of 1969 and 1987 and about 30% were born in the 50's.

"I am compelled to get the information that is being channeled through me, about the 'First Waves,' out to the world as soon as possible. However, it seems the Dark Forces of the Universe continue to surround me, sabotaging my efforts from every angle. Through sheer will and resolve, I am overcoming their assaults and finding ways around and out of their traps. In spite of the opposition, the book, "Living in an Indigo House, The Heartaches and Victories of First Wave Indigos" is coming alive.

This book is a first step into understanding the First Wave Indigo Nation on planet Earth. F.W. Indigos were trained in the Ultra-Violet Realm's "Cosmic Special Forces Academy" and are here on assignment as a part of the Cosmic Clean-up Crew. First-Wavers are now adults who have been on the front lines battling the seen and unseen dark forces and "powers that be" that have been consuming our planet. "Living in an Indigo House" will give you information and inspiration to continue the quest for balance, justice, and peace.

In this book you will find intriguing subjects and answers to questions such as:

-What are First Wave Indigos?
-What is the Cosmic Clean-Up Crew?
-Where can I find Aurauralite/Aulmauracite, the magical mystical stone of truth?
-Who the Hell is Hal?
-Indigo or Indigo Brat!?
-Kryahgenetics eggs: How to use these powerful allies and make them come alive.
-What is the Indigo /Ultra-Violet Ray?
-What are Indigo Contracts?
-Insights into the Indigo mind: Tales of Laura Lee's own Mutant Children.
-You Might be an Indigo If....
-The Indigo Mind: Thoughts from Real life X-Men (& Women).
-The Knights Code.
-How black lights can help you remember who you are/were.
-Excerpts from: "My Little Book of Blasphemies...and Other Thoughts From the Shower" by Michael Adams.
-Why Indigos can't run energy like other people...(it has to come from the heart, not their heads.)
-Protocol for implant removal.

This book has taken on a life of its own, (and so have the cover characters! :o) ...as you will soon discover when you get your own personal copy!

Laura Lee Mistycah is a First Wave Indigo who raised her four Indigo Children, literally in an Indigo House. As a child, she dreamed of creating a magick wand that really worked! While she has yet to manifest the magic wand, she has used her knowledge of alchemy, the Stone Of Truth, and quantum physics to channel her psychic energies through thoughts, her hands and fingertips to manifest many of the aspects of what she remembers her childhood magic wand could do. (But she still clings to her dream of creating a "real wand!")

A dynamic public speaker, teacher and consultant, Laura Lee has helped Indigos and members of "The Cosmic Clean-Up Crew" from all over the world discover their true nature and activate their innate psychic abilities. She has had many close encounters with the darkest of the dark and gleaned tremendous insights and wisdom from these experiences.

Laura Lee is an author, cutting edge healing instructor, psychic consultant, professional Ghostbuster, humor advocate, and FW Indigo Activator! She is a hopeless romantic and has a vision of re-creating some of the power and majesty of the Ultra-Violet Realm here on planet Earth, complete with a Castle and Modern Day Knights!

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