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Laura Lee and her Ghost Buster partner Ronnie were guests on :
***Art Bell's "Dark Matter" show October 2013.
We have reposted the interview on our youtube channel

Coast to Coast with George Noory on:
*Oct. 30, 2009
**Oct. 25, 2010
***Oct.13, 2011
***Oct. 30, 2012
You can listen by going to their archivesArchives

*****Laura Lee - With Ryan Gable Interview 04-22-15
Topics: Cryptos, Fear Annihilation, The Artificial Intelligence, and some Really Weird sh*t

****Laura Lee & Ronnie - With Ryan Gable Interview 10-26-14
Topics: Pet Ghosts - Animal Shove-Ins - Aliens - Freaking Factory Farms -
Pain Suffering & Terror, The Unseen Poison In Our Food

****Laura Lee - With Sienna Lea of Illuminating the Shadowlands Part II - April 25, 2014
Topics: Indigo Challenges - Kryahgenetics Egg - Implants - Forced Agreements -
Corrupted Light - Corrupted Dark - Artificial Intelligence - Chakra Removal - Kundalini

****Laura Lee - With Sienna Lea of Illuminating the Shadowlands Part I - April 18, 2014
Topics: First Wave Indigos - Forced Agreements - Dark Magick Running The Planet - Kryahgenetics -
Holographic Universe - How The Corruption Got Started - Weird Sh*t

*****Laura Lee - Super Woo Radio with George Kavassilas Ep. #24 Feb 2014
Topics: The Artificial Intelligence, Chakra-Kundalini Conspiracy, Thought Snatchers, Soulless Beings, Stone of Truth & Justice,
And Stories Of How Humor Reverses Black Magick & Voodoo

****Laura Lee - The Truth Denied with Roxy Lopez
Topic: Strange noises in the horizon, Grid Rocks, Kryahgenetics, Indigos, and of course...Humor 7-9-2013

****Laura Lee - The Bob Charles Show
Topic: Indigos and other fun stuff! 7-7-2013

*****Laura Lee - Super Woo Radio with George Kavassilas & Jason Bawden-Smith Ep. #5
Topic: Chakra Scam, Gold Corruption, Dark Beings Hiding in The Light, Knights Code & much more 11-23-2012

****Laura Lee The Truth Denied Radio with Roxy Lopez
Topic: FW-Indigos, Implants, The Chakra Myth, Forced Agreements & more 6-10-2012

**Laura Lee & Ronnie - With Dr. Hildy 10-23-2011 on Blog Talk Radio
Topic: Ghost Stories, Walk-Ins & Shove-Ins, Black Magick, First Wave Indigos

**Laura Lee & Ghostbuster partner Ronnie Foster: Earth Changes TV 10-23-07

***Laura Lee: Redhawk Radio - The Forest Evergreen Show 7-12-07
Topic: Aurauralite, FWI's and Their Role in Neutralizing the PTB's

*Knights Training In Wisconsin - Audio Interview With Laura Lee
BUFO Radio With Mary Sutherland 6-12-07

**Laura Lee: BUFO Radio with Mary Sutherland
Topic: The Magick Chair- FW Indigos - Vampires 11-29-06

**Laura Lee & Ghostbuster partner Ronnie Foster: Earth Changes TV 10-26-06

***Laura Lee: The Jerry Pippin Show 5-12-06

***Laura Lee: Leilani Schmidt of Achieve Radio 5-16-06Part IPartII

**Laura Lee - News For The Soul 3-2-06

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